Starting a Company | The Team | Part 1

Any small business will go as far as the team will take it. Often times this aspect can be overlooked but if the founder(s) are not on the same page how will employees ever be able to work effectively to execute the company mission?  At the beginning or “idea stage” of a new venture, it may be difficult to think about equity, stock and fundraising. These are all different ideas and topics that must be considered. It is also important to consider the amount of work that goes into building a successful start-up. Let’s take a look at some key players you should look for when building the team. Like our Small Business Finance posts, this topic will be split into two parts.


The Leader

The leader of the team may very well be yourself as the founder, but in some instances you may need to bring on a member who is strong organizationally and someone who can be the face of the company. This may be difficult for some founders if they are not the “CEO” of their own start-up but remember, what is more important is creating something that can last, even if that means someone else is in the leadership role.

The Operations

“The Ops” guy or girl. Critical for both internal and external operations. This is an individual who handles anything from the customer experience to how employees are recruited and retained. Operations is a wide ranging title. The individual in charge of running the operations should be able to think problems through and have their ear to what the employees and customers are saying at all times. This individual should know the inter-workings of the company and be able to respond to situations ranging from IT issues to employee problems. Being able to wear many hats is a must.

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