The Start-up Team – Part 2

Part II of building the right team for your start-up:

The Numbers Person

Accounting and finance are pivotal parts to any operation. It is important to seek someone who understands numbers and who can create budgets. Budgets are important road maps to how the company should be performing. Of course, you also always need to be able to know what to pay and when to pay it. Finding an individual who understands more than just debits and credits may be difficult but understanding how numbers impact the operations are critical to the success of the company.

The Marketing and Advertising Guru

One of the biggest challenges in a new business is letting customers know what your product is and that it exists. This may be difficult on a budget but it is absolutely critical to invest time and energy into this. With social media, branding and advertising should be leverage to maximize exposure. Finding an individual who understands search engine optimization and social media marketing campaigns could become a huge asset to the team.

Product and Business Development

Having a dedicated team member who is always looking to improve upon existing offerings or seeing what the next opportunity may be is incredibly important. Especially in a day where information is more readily available than it has ever been. Business development is about seeking those opportunities to capitalize on shifting consumer trends and developing a strategy to execute which will result in new business.

As we can see, there are many numerous moving parts that must be factored in to building the team. It is important to note that it is not necessarily good to build a founding team that agrees on every point. Having different opinions is important to foster creativity and to be able to adapt to new situations as they arise. Never be afraid to find people who are smarter in areas than you are. Remember, a team is about working together and moving the company vision forward!


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