If revenue is the most important task of your business, what’s next?

So, after revenue what’s next? This is easy….revenue that generates profit and timely cash flow. You can’t make a profit without revenue. You can be profitable and cash poor with revenue. You can be cash rich and lose money. There are so many variables sending mixed messages, yet, what area is too often neglected? You got it, the accounting system. The only part of the business that can measure sales, profit and cash flow.



If profitable sales with timely cash flow is key for short term business success, and growing sales with timely cash flow is required to have a viable business, why is the accounting system relegated to getting a cheap accounting software package, an unqualified individual to maintain the books (yes, this can include the owner), inaccurate information, no follow through, etc. etc. etc.? Sound familiar? The solution is easy. Yes, the cheap accounting software can still work, set up properly, with competent personnel, goal setting, follow through, and action. While it sounds easy, the process to proper setup is not. We can help!

Give us a call or visit us at www.mokercpa.com

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