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Get Real on your SBIR Indirect Rates

You drive your indirect rates for your SBIR award, not vice-versa.  The normal course of your business activities will determine your indirect rate needs based on the stage of your business. For example, if you are a first time Phase … Continue reading

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Classifying Independent Contractors vs. Employees

If you have an SBIR award or a government contract, misclassifying employees and consultants has a dire impact on your tax situation, as well as how you recover costs under your federal award. An individual who performs services for you … Continue reading

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It’s 1099 Time!

This post will focus on payments by for-profit organizations for rent and non-employee compensation as those are the most common uses of Form 1099-MISC.   In general, rent and payments to service providers (including related materials and supplies) in excess … Continue reading

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