Moker CPA

Not Your Typical CPA Firm

So why is an accounting firm blogging? Why would a bunch of financial professionals even think about law, marketing, website design or even you the entrepreneur? The answer to us is simple: we are a small business too and we experience the same peaks and valleys as any small business.

We made a decision as a firm to take to the internet to share our experiences and knowledge over the years not just with the financial side of the business but with everything from product development to marketing campaigns. We understand that as a small business often times you and your employees wear multiple hats. We understand in one day you can be at the highest point of your life just to come back down to the lowest point. The reality is that’s okay if it happens. The sun will come up tomorrow and we have to pick ourselves up and dust ourselves on and plow forward. The blog will highlight different areas of business to give you an overview of what to expect or to maybe give you a different way of thinking about a problem.

At the end of the day, we hope we can share stories and advice that helps you get over that hump and gets you to the next thing. If after reading something and you have even more questions, feel free to write a post back or give us a call. After all, we are all in this together. So let’s work towards a better tomorrow.


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